Asian Fusion


thai 3


Mr Chung’s Contemporary Asian Cuisine, as the name states, is an inventive and delicious fusion restaurant.

The restaurant is well rated on Yelp and OpenTable, yet I still felt as though I was gambling after placing an order for the Chinese Bruschetta. The appetizer comes with finely diced tomatoes atop a scallion pancake drizzled with sesame oil.  I gambled right the dish had the right amount of flakiness from the pancake and the tomatoes introduced just enough brightness.

The Thai style Soft Shell Crab was both massive in flavor and in portion. It was impressive how the crab shell was able to maintain its crispiness although smothered in sauce. The veggies were steamed to perfection.

Dinner service ended with green tea and Cheesecake Egg Rolls. The crunch from the shell complimented the whipped cream cheese. I can still hear the crackle of my first bite.

The next time I dine at this restaurant I will hold nothing back!


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