Bubble Tea

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While eating at the diner Cup and Saucer, I noticed a new store with black tinted windows across the street.

The signage didn’t, at least to me, reveal what the store had to offer. If owner’s goal was to intrigue nosy people, like myself, they hit the mark.

Walking into Fomosa Cafe was nothing that I expected. Chinatown is a very old area surrounded by sturdy brick buildings. This shop was a ultra modern café. Everything was sleek and black with bright graphic murals throughout. Foreign pop music played near the counter as you reviewed the menu.

The menu had so many option, but the namesake bubble tea was chosen and it was a great option, for the warm spring afternoon. The best part about ordering bubble tea is watching the machine seal the top and then breaking the seal with your straw.

The staff was very courteous and didn’t mind me snapping photos. Yelp reviews mention the food is good, which I will keep in mind my next go around.


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