My Lightest Gym Sneakers, Yet!

Being a commuter means toting around bags. Whatever I can do to lighten my load and shuffle effortlessly through the swarms of commuters, is extremely important.

My first step in taking the ease off my shoulders, began with purchasing new gym sneakers. It not necessary for me to lug around bulky sneakers, if I am not running major miles. The benefit to this decision, is that my road sneakers don’t get any added wear and tear.

Here is where Anthym comes in, I walked into this brand new athletic store in downtown State College and spotted ON sneakers. When I picked up theCloud, I knew that this was the shoe for me because it was less than 200 grams (less than 1/2 a pound).  ON is a Swiss brand features a series of styles and concentrations as well as Zero gravity foam cushioning.

So far, I have worked out in them doing elliptical work and high incline walking and medium paced jogging. They are comfortable and give my flat feet solid support. I am supper happy with my purchase and the color of shoes when I look down.










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