Up Close: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel


A fresco is made by mixing water-based pigments with plaster, the color is set when the plaster dries. The Sistine Chapel represents the height of Renaissance art. Michelangelo made the world’s most famous fresco by standing up right with his hand titled, not lying on back as many assumed.

Whether or not you’ve been to the Vatican, this art installation is awe inspiring. Now, for the first time you can see clearly see the human form in the eyes of Michelangelo and his references to the biblical tales.

After doing some more research on Michangelo, I learned that his one of the most prolific and greatest artist of all time because he was so versatile. He received praise relatively early in his career and after sculpting the statue David and Pietà, he then commissioned works for the wealthiest and powerful individuals of his day.







Up Close is on display from June 23rd – July 23rd, go check it out.

Compare the art installments with that of the actual museum here.


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