Savannah, GA


It’s hot in the south. I don’t mean like perfect for catching a tan while on a stroll, I mean as you’re walking, for 30 seconds, you will melt. To survive, you must think cool thoughts and move at a glacial pace.

I beat the heat in Savannah Georgia by stopping into shops, grabbing iced coffee, ice cream, and seeking shade in the city’s many parks. You will find that some parks are super iconic, like Chippewa Square where Forrest Gump held his box of chocolates, so tourists and trolleys flow in and out, while other parks are more peaceful as if you are in a secret garden.

My first stop in Savannah was lunch at Zunzi’s, a South African take-out joint, where I ordered the Fisherman’s deck- a charbroiled Salmon fillet on very fresh french bread. After my failed attempted of finishing the delicious sandwich, I began my journey through the city. The portions in the south are more then kind.


In need of a cool drink and some energy, I stopped in at The Coffee Fox for a simple iced coffee. I sat at their slick red bar, cooled down and did some people watching before heading to see Old Savannah Cotton Exchange building and the Savannah River views.

IMG_5190.JPGP1410527P1410543IMG_5185FullSizeRender (14)

The Savannah River is parallel to a ton of shops filled with treats, food and souvenirs. I stopped in to get ice cream from the Savannah Candy Kitchen and then stepped into Savannah Bee Company. It’s such a cute shop- a homey feel designed for customers to sample body products and taste their edible products. The new location was especially spaciousness and included water views. I made the following purchases after extensive honey taste testing!!!


My final stop was at the Mercer Williams House the mansion is well kept and humble from the road compared to the ridiculously immaculate homes you will stroll by while in Savannah.


I look forward to coming back to Savannah very soon.



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