Top of The Rock


While all the the rooftop views in New York have their charm, when my cousins came into town from Atlanta, I thought it would be a perfect choice to take in the sights of midtown Manhattan due to the slightly cloudy day. At the Top of the Rock, I appreciate the glass walls and enough space between each barrier to get some clear shots. Not to mention four different platforms to catch the 360 view of Manhattan. It also helps that you feel arms length away from all the skyscrapers, in most any weather condition. If you go during the week you can buy the tickets very quickly with less than 30 minutes wait time, just enough time to wander around 30 Rock or grab a bite to eat. If you are here on a weekend visit, I would purchase tickets ahead of time. If you happen to be visiting during a clear day definitely think about upgrading to the experience that allows evening entry, to see the famous city lights.

The iconic Bar SixtyFive at the Rainbow room is an excellent choice for apps and drinks for an older or corporate crowd. Entrance to the bar also includes complimentary coat check and separate elevators, BUT the same views.





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