Movies that came to mind.

I was asked what the last good movie I saw. I am not a active theater goer, so most of my suggestions were from HBO, Showtime and Netflix.

Pauly Shore Stands Alone–  This is a true-life small comedy tour through the mid-west, Pauly is hardworking, shady and laugh out loud funny. The jury is still out on his actual mental state.

Mistaken For Strangers– What a great band. What an intense sibling relationship. It’s up to the viewer to decide if the older brother fails, while on tour with his younger brother’s band.

Intouchables– Truly heartwarming, funny and french. A true-story of two men from different worlds that form the ultimate bromance.

Baggage ClaimRobin Thicke is a fool. Paula is awesomely clueless when it comes to love and takes you on a major frequent flyer spending spree. The incessant banter between Jill Scott and Adam Brody adds a great comedic touch.


Chef–  This movie is beyond relevant, twitter fights, food trucks, tasting menus, Sophia Vergara and Rob Lowe, you can’t really top that. Eat before or during or you may suffer.


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