Italian food kick


Lil’ Stinker
Brussels Sprouts
Insalata Cesare
Insalata Cesare
Marco Polo
Marco Polo
The Mutzz
The Mutzz

Lately, I have been craving Italian food and thus I’ve been eating around trying new places and luckily my research has paid off because each one has been a hit.

Roberta’s– My tip is to go early for whatever service your interested in because it’s first come, first come seating.
The more people you have the more sampling you can do. Also, great Blood Mary’s!

Trattoria La Sorrentina– Get the Cozze Marinara aka the mussels and keep the bowl with sauce to dip the pizza crust in.
If you have room for dessert, the tiramsiu is top notch.

Alidoro– It’s hard to find a good Italian sub in New York with fresh ingredients. Avoid the line by going post 1:30.

Not pictured… Frank restaurant and vera bar- This place is awesome with a great rustic vibe.The food was rich with flavor and the portions were generous.

The night after my visit Chrissy & John Legend were enjoying the Thursday Special Lasagna Verdi Bolognese.  #coolpoints


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