Mi So…. Ramen

Traditional Ramen broth can be chicken or beef based, but now that Miso Ramen is becoming more popular and readily available, pescetarians and vegetarians can rejoice! With my first bowl of Miso Ramen, I was expecting a light udon type broth, but the version I had was rich and hearty, there was the perfect balance of texture with crunch from bean spourts and scallions complimenting the tenderness of the curly noodles.

Prawn Me Ramen
Prawn Me Ramen

My latest Miso Ramen meal, pictured above, was at Ochado in the lower east side of New York. The small restaurant was filled and my party gladly opted for bar seating. It was such a treat to see the chefs working quite precisely on each order.
I look forward to more bowls of Ramen and won’t mind waiting for the meal because it’s truly artful in presentation and taste.


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