Midtown East Oasis

Tommy Bahama clothing is synonymous with athletes and boating aficionados. I had a bathing growing up that was tropical patterned, which lasted me years because of the great quality. What I actually loved about this brand is their food.
I’ve only been to their restaurants in tropical settings, but just recently family friends suggested we visit their NYC location. They were guests before and said it was great. They have great taste and the experience was just that.

Fifth Avenue is flooded with shoppers and tourists some on a mission, some lost, so I was blown away by the soothing vibe restaurant sets. Between the live jazz, tranquil decor and potted Palm trees my group and I melted into our seats for over three hours. I had the crab bisque, which is a must for me, supremely classic. We all sampled the crispy calamari, coconut crusted crab cakes, and world famous coconut shrimp with an awesome chutney. The entrees were wide ranging from the Tiger Shrimp pasta, Jerk pork tenderloin, Blackened fish tacos and Parmesan crusted chicken.

Brooklyn Gin Finz
Brooklyn Gin Fizz
Tiger Shrimp Pasta
Tiger Shrimp Pasta
Desserts For Days
Desserts For Days

Our meal ended not reluctantly, by sampling all their desserts, as pictured above, which were all so delicious and overly sugary, just purely simple. I always envy the European style dinning where you can leave a restaurant when you are good and ready, Tommy Bahama hit the mark!


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