The Kitchen at Grove Station

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I read an article about The Kitchen at Grove Station, in the New York Times, over a month ago. The review made it sound promising and worth a try. One of my closest friends had just gotten back from Spain and it seemed like the perfect restaurant to have a solid catch up.

The decor is amazing. Everything was perfectly coordinated to exude a sophisticated rustic cabin. I wish I took more photos of the decor because the space had all the key elements of my dream home. From the plush velvet booths to the hand carved oak chairs, white marble tables and painted bricks in antique white.

The dinner menu, seasonal, was broken into four categories; cold and light fare over to hot and larger entree portions. Your visit can be for any occasion, which I thought was a unique offering.

My friend and I split three light apps, sweet and sour lentil salad, Spring Shrimp Carpacio and Razor Clam. We each had one a entrée Gionone Chicken and Monkfish and closed out the meal sharing the strawberry shortcake dessert. For now, this restaurant is BYOB, but everything is so lovely about the establishment, I doubt they would fall short on their beverage offering. Think of it as bonus.

The meal overall was filling and delicious, but by no means did we need a wheel barrel. Basically, I am obsessed and will be going back to try another dinner service as well as their brunch.


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