Rockwood Music Hall


P1350357     P1350359


Several weeks ago on a whim, I went to Rockwood Music Hall and ended up seeing Justina Maria Soto. As I was walking to the venue, I found some of her music and got the sense that the show would be in the direction of smooth jazz vibes. Her voice and sound blew me away. The only way to describe the set is to say that it was a mix of Adele and Corrine Rae Bailey. I bought her CD and I’ve listened to the album while driving and getting my life together on a Saturday mornings. She has soul and it comes through in her music.

Ben Caron, who came on after Soto, deserves an honorable mention. This boy can sing too! He is based in LA and preforms with such passion. Check out his sound. The great thing about the venue is it’s free entrance fee. You enter order a drink or two and watch singer-song writers preform is an intimate setting.


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