Scenes From Sunday 4/2/17


Sunday felt like spring in NYC, so everyone was out and about, shopping and dining al fresco.

I began my 10,000 steps journey in Brooklyn where I grabbed a bagel and ate in Cooper park. There were dogs, babies and groups of people hanging out and I could actually picture summer.

I got moving by heading via the L train to Union Square, it was a bit hectic, so I choose to venture down to Lower East Side. I picked Cafe Marma, for lunch. I really love the simplicity of the food and the low key vibe of the cafe. People come and go or sit and chat. Laptop friendly, so you can get a good amount of work done in peace. The area is changing, I spotted Blue Bottle across the street, hopefully this will be one of the few commercial businesses that make an appearance.


Post lunch, I wandered through Soho. The shops were bustling and the streets were filled with all sorts of fashion forward people. I especially felt like all the buildings were dazzling, from the sun beaming down. I rounded out my walk by going through Little Italy.  I wanted to see if anything changed in this area and to my relief its still holding on to its charm.


New York is a city that never sleep, but on a beautiful, bright day, this city is truly amazing.




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