Milan, Italy

Milan is the fashion capital. It is really inspiring to see style both in the architecture and in dress. Everywhere you turn there are people with splashes of high end attire and accessories walking around the city. My agenda was the food and getting a real local feel of this metropolis city.

Milan is formed in a circular formation and the center ring includes the top sights such as the Duomo, Vittorio Emanuele Monument, Royal Palace, The opera house- Teatro alla Scala and at the very edge Castle- Castello which continues on to Sempione park.

I have friends who lived near the Duomo, so heading south down Corso di porta Ticiense past via Edmondo de Amicis was our regular strolling route. There are a ton of shops and restaurants to check out. On the weekends this area comes alive with a sea of people hanging out in the area of Colonne di San Lorenzo all the way up to the square of Porta Ticinese.

I didn’t get enough time here because there is true intimacy that Italians offer. You hear about their travels, about wine, food and sights through your encounters, but you also need time for your own agenda.

The city from the ground is breathtaking, but I highly recommend going to the top of the Duomo. Plan ahead by buying your ticket at the booth, so you only have one line to wait in. I got a non-elevator ticket because the line is shorter and the price slightly cheaper. Go on a sunny day and you can see the entire city and the detailed architecture that took six centuries to complete. Its truly awe impressing.





A must! – Visit Duomo

Shop & eat @ Excelsior Milano

Sip and view – Terrazza Aperol 

Shop for shoes at Michele Lopriore

Wine and nibbles Alle Zitelle


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